Whiter Teeth At Home With Smile Brilliant – Does it Work?


Because of the ease and success of my whitening treatment, I have partnered with Smile Brilliant for a giveaway. One lucky person will win a $159 credit to use on the customized whitening treatment of your choice. Click here to enter with just your name and email!

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Has anyone else tried a zillion different teeth whitening products and moved on to the next because they just weren’t cutting it? I feel yah! I’ve tried a handful myself and yes, even the mouth guard to show your teeth that you wear in a tanning bed. WOOF. 

One whitening treatment that lasted awhile for me were white strips. They got the job done but also made my teeth SUPER sensitive. Like, couldn’t open my mouth when it was cold out because the cold air would ZING my teeth sensitive, all while thinking this was totally normal. Not to mention all of the paper towels I went through wiping the drool off of my face during each use. Too much information? 

When I moved to Los Angeles, I decided to begin the Invisalign process. (Little secret, I hoped I was going to get engaged (which I did,) and wanted to have straight teeth for our wedding =]) It was a great decision, but Invisalign works by adding tiny attachments to the face of some of your teeth to hold the trays in place & give the aligners something to push on. Because of those, I couldn’t whiten my teeth the entire treatment. If I had whitened my teeth during the Invisalign treatment process, there would have been discoloration to my teeth.

So once my Invisalign treatment ended, I began searching for a new teeth whitening regiment when Smile Brilliant reached out to me. I always thought to myself, “there has to be another way without spending hundred of dollars” and this was it. 

They first mailed me a kit filled with everything I needed to make my dental impressions. Making my own impressions was pretty intimidating but it turned out to be super easy thanks to the instructions provided. After that, all I had to do was mail my impressions to their dental lab and then wait a couple of weeks to receive my custom-fitted trays.

The entire whitening process is cake after that. I simply applied the whitening gel and then the desensitizing gel to the trays and wore for 45 minutes. I started whitening every other day for 45 minutes. When I tried to wear my trays for an hour and a half, I did experience sensitivity but when I went back to 45 minutes it was fine. Find what’s right for you and go with that! The great thing about Smile Brilliant is they will work with you to find your perfect customized treatment.

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