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Since moving from New Jersey to California the summer of 2018, Kev & I had over 10 round trips back to the east coast for our friend and family’s events. As lucky as I am that I’m not missing out on our loved one’s life events, when it came to picking a destination for my bachelorette, there was no way I was getting on a plane to go ANYWHERE.

Customized Bathing Suit

Party planning is something I love as well so I wanted to keep my bachelorette close to home. I originally planned to rent a house in Malibu and do the safari wine tours and all of that but the week I needed to book a house, Malibu was going through a devastating time with the Woolsey Fire. My heart broke for Malibu and not knowing what damage was where, I switched gears to West Hollywood.

This was an easy change of plans considering the majority of people I invited on my bachelorette asked if we were going to be near any of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants. Then it came to me. I would create a West Hollywood experience where everyone could see all things Vanderpump with a few additional activities. (Selfishly, this was also a great idea so I could take all of my friends at once to Vanderpump’s locations and not have to go to each a million times when they came to visit one by one)

Big thanks to Airbnb for hooking us up with Living The Dream Los Angeles for an amazing home. Renting a house with a pool I knew I wanted to get pool floats that made sense for the theme so I purchased a bunch of rosé floats, of course the PJ or private jet, rings, and Lisa Vanderpump’s swans Hanky & Panky 😉

FUNBOY Private Jet

My honors (maid & man of honor) & I purchased little gifts to go along with the theme as well for everyone. Including hangover kits, koozies, Witches of WEHO wine, and travel mugs from the BravoTV store.

VP Travel Mug



If anyone knows about a full day of travel it’s me, so with the majority of my bach crew flying in from the East Coast on Thursday, there were no plans this day except to hang at the house since everyone was arriving at different times.

I made sure this was the first activity of my bachelorette because no one wants to A: get up early or B: hike when they are hungover. I kept this hike a surprise and just asked everyone to bring a black workout outfit and sneakers and then I wore white. We were only about 9 miles away from the Hollywood sign but if you’ve never been to LA, let me tell you traffic is SO real, so I hired a party bus company to drive us all together considering it took us about 45 minutes to arrive. I also found a stand-up comic, tour-guide who sold his tour as, “Trust me, you’ll want to walk with a local and not some tour company that takes 3.5 hours and takes basic pics.” and I knew he’d be perfect for my group. He not only let me book a private tour for all 14 of us, he carried waters & granola bars for us, told us hilarious stories along the way & took the hike at our pace, patiently. (AKA- Waiting for a bunch of girls to take a zillion photos/took so many for us!) It was seriously an amazing experience & if you’re ever in the area you should totally take a hike with Joe either in the AM or during sunset. Seriously, check out his Instagram: @hollywood.hikes.

Bride Fanny Pack | White Lush Sports Bra | White High-waisted Leggings

I cant say enough good things about the Lush Sports Bra. Comes in so many different colors & I’m wearing an XS.


This was a the first stop of the Vanderpump tour. If you’ve never been to West Hollywood, her 3 restaurants, Pump, SUR & TomTom, are all on the same block so once you are in the area you can really go to all 3 if you’re on a time crunch. We enjoyed our Pump-tinis, Pumpagranite Margaritas & Pump and Glory cocktails for happy hour under the gorgeous trees throughout the bar and then headed to SUR for dinner.


Goat cheese balls were on the top of everyone’s list this trip so my two MOHs planned a beautiful dinner at SUR with a prefixed menu to keep things easy. They printed the cutest, customized, menus for us and sat us in the beautiful garden. The food was delicious and you can’t beat the ambiance in this place.


After dinner we walked to The Abbey & had the most amazing time. This place is a ginormous indoor/outdoor, club/bar with dancers, delicious drinks and the best music and we danced the night away! If you’re looking for a fun night out and a great vibe, The Abbey is the place for you.



We were struggling a bit to get ready after all of our Friday activities but we knew the best cure would be food, laughs & bottomless mimosas & this place delivered. (Sidenote: Kinky Boots has always been one my favorite Broadway shows, I visit The Palace every time I go to Miami for their drag queen show so this place was a must on my bach list. It’s always such a good vibe and fun time.) The drag queens here were unreal. Their performances, makeup, costumes and hilarious personalities gave my entire group their second wind and had us dying of laughter. I don’t want to give it away because you all have to take a trip to one of their locations, but if you go there to celebrate ANYthing, you are asked to come on stage for a certain contest. Don’t worry, it’s after all of the bottomless mimosas 😉


With watching all of the hype on the most recent episodes of Vanderpump Rules, I think the group was most excited about coming here. We made a reservation for a table in the bar area to seat all of us comfortably and tasted a majority of their cocktails, apps & all ordered an entree. For me, it’s a tie between the Nutcase or Alchemy Rose cocktail. They were too good. Also, the Spicy Cauliflower “Wings” are the best app in my opinion! One thing to note when planning your night here is you only get to keep your reservation for 2 hrs since this establishment always has a line of people waiting to get in. I would recommend making a reservation and checking out the amazing vibe here as well.

Even if you don’t watch Housewives of Beverly Hills or Vanderpump Rules, you should still check out all of these restaurants along with the Hollywood sign hike & drag queen brunch.

I cannot thank my MOH team for helping me plan the best bachelorette literally ever.
I love you guys.
Most photo credit goes to my MOH, Anthony, so you should totally check him out here.

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