Something Old, Something New

Looking back on the year 1993, I was lucky enough to be a part of my Mom’s wedding.

I always imagined somehow wearing my mom’s dress to my bridal shower but obviously not as-is. This began my search for a designer out here in LA. I was lucky enough to have found the most talented woman through Fleurish LA, named Paty Castillo who I worked with for about 2 months. I can’t say enough good things about Paty so if you ever need alterations or a custom anything in the LA area, contact Fleurish LA!

Paty created a jumpsuit out of new material & then carefully removed all of the lace & pearl details from my mom’s dress and created an off-the-shoulder top to go over my jumpsuit. It still amazes me when I look at the side-by-side!

1993 – 2019

The details were absolutely amazing including the lace sleeves and pearl detail that wrapped around the side.

She was even able to save the buttons from the back of my mom’s dress and place them on the back of my jumpsuit. (We cheated and added a zipper to make things easier.)

I have to say, the best part was surprising my mom the day of my bridal shower. The moment of her seeing me in her newly constructed dress brought her to tears and it will forever be a memory I cherish. That totally made up for not being able to lift my arms all day because of the off the shoulder design, HA!

Just wanted to give a big thanks to my biggest fan, best friend and mom for the most perfect bridal shower. There are no words to thank you enough for answering my 20 calls a day, facetiming me with the venue on the east coast and anything and everything in between. I may be becoming a wife (SO SOON), but I’ll always be your little girl.

I cannot wait for the day when Kev & I look back on our wedding pictures and have a good laugh decades later 🙂

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