Meet Alissa Marie

Hie! I’m the girl behind the lifestyle blog Prosecco and Palms.

I’m a born and raised Jersey girl who got the opportunity of a lifetime to move to Los Angeles, California with my now fiancé and fur-babe, Miss Brady, and took it!

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Cue the crazy dog mom real quick: I have a 1.5 year old rat terrier, beagle mix who I adore more than she adores destroying blankets. You will get to know her throughout my blog and I hope to incorporate posts around everything I’ve learned as a dog momma since we’re all in this fur-mom journey together!

Backing up a bit, to say 2018 was a huge year for me is an understatement. I moved across the country, turned 30 & had my best friend, Kevin, propose all within 6 months. (Shameless wedding plug – posts coming soon!) Now finally settled in LA, I’m lucky enough to get the best of both coasts by traveling back east quite often for fam & friend obligations. Cheers to that, where’s the prosecco!?

I’ve been working remotely which can get lonely so I decided to find a creative outlet from the corporate world and start my first blog. There is so much I want to share with the world and what better excuse to explore LA than needing new backdrops for photos! So here I am, putting myself out there, hoping to inspire others. Here goes nothing!

Alissa Marie

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